Jon Warren

Jon Warren is a Christian photojournalist  who has been a witness to some of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters. He is director of photography for World Vision, spending most of his career traveling the world for organizations that involve themselves in faith, social justice, and cultural issues.

For years, Warren’s primary job has been to communicate God’s work, causing us to dig deeper into our prayer life and our pocketbooks.

Warren grew up as a missionary kid in India and has made it his life’s work to show Western Christians how much they share with their neighbors around the world.

Warren has had a front row seat to the frontline and dodging bullets, but he is so very humble about his experiences. However, with so much suffering and tragedy that he sees so often, his job is not easy. In order to handle that pain and sadness he focuses on the positives, the rescue, the volunteers, and the presence of God.

“I certainly qualify as faint of heart,” he says. “I’m normally not covering the fighting itself. I just sometimes get stuck in it.”

Warren’s goal is to make images that will stir others to action without desensitizing them. “How do I communicate that this person is suffering, but is still as valuable as you and I are?” He doesn’t want the people in his photos to become icons for the tragedy of the month. “If people looking at it don’t feel like the person in the picture is valuable, I’ve failed spiritually, and I’ve also failed the organization.”


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