Mohamed Amin

Mohamed “Mo” Amin was a Kenyan photojournalist who was born on August 29th 1943 in Nairobi. He is known for his pictures and videotapes of Ethiopian famine.

Amin found an interest in photography at school. He founded Camerapix company in 1963 in Dar es Salaam and moved the company to Nairobi three years later. In the 70s he became “one of the most relied-upon African news photographers, reporting on wars and coups all through the continent.” His pictures often were used by Western news media. His photographs of the Ethipian famine in 1984 brought international attention to the crisis and helped start the charity wave that resulted in Live Aid concerts.

He also took memorable photos of the fall of Idi Amin and Mengistu Haile Mariam. He also wrote numerous books, including Journey Through Pakistan, and covered various themes like East African Wildlife and the Uganda Railway.

Amin lost his life in 1996 when the plane he was aboard was hijacked.



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